Transforming Power

AVP MandalaOur AVP Mandala is shown at the left. It provides us with a reminder of ways we can solve conflicts without using violence.

Each of us with our words and actions has the power to transform a conflict into a win-win solution.

This Transforming Power is at the heart of AVP.

The workshops train us to tap in to this potential and to practice it when we need it desperately.

Participants in each level of AVP workshops learn how to use these many skills to transform conflict and their lives.

Here are 12 more ways to help us.

1.  Seek to resolve conflict by reaching common ground.

2.  Reach for that something good in others.

3.   Listen before making judgments.

4.   Base your position on truth.

5.   Be ready to revise your position, if it is wrong.

6.   Expect to experience great inward power to act.

7.   Risk being creative rather than violent.

8.   Use surprise and humor.

9.   Learn to trust your inner sense of when to act.

10.  Be willing to suffer for what is important.

11.  Be patient and persistent.

12.  Build community based on honesty, respect, and caring.

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