About AVP

About AVPThe Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), offering weekend workshops to prisoners in Maine, is a program whose wellspring is the belief that human beings are capable of change for the better.

AVP programs work on the premise that former inmates are more likely to succeed when they return to their communities by developing, during incarceration, the skills to communicate more effectively, to reflect on their lives, and to deal non-violently with potentially explosive situations.

AVP is offered in intensive two and a half day workshops on three levels. The Basic Workshop concentrates on:

  • Affirmation – building self-esteem and trust.

  • Communication – improving listening and assertive methods of expression.

  • Community Building – developing cooperative attitudes and a sense of oneself as part of a community.

  • Conflict Resolution – exploring and practicing creative and peaceful alternatives to resolving conflict.

    Advanced Workshops help inmates focus more deeply on the underlying causes of violence in their lives. The group chooses the theme it wishes to explore: topics like anger, stereotyping, or power and powerlessness. The Training for Trainers Workshop teaches participants how to become a facilitator for other inmates.

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