The AVP Vision

AVP VisionToday, we live in a violent society. The homicide rate in the United States is twice that of many developed countries, including Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. Violence in the home, physical and mental, directed against both spouse and child is rampant. Violence knows no class, racial, economic or geographical boundaries, it exists everywhere — but the citizens of Northern Ireland stand a lower chance of being murdered than those of the United States.

Nor can Americans take pride or comfort in the embarrassing fact that this land now leads the world in prison population per capita. Prisons, viewed as a way to protect society from violence, in turn spawn violence of their own.

AVP  vison is working toward creating a nonviolent society. Our goal is to reduce the level of violence by introducing people to ways of resolving conflict that reduce their need to resort to violence as the solution. Our process uses the life experience of participants as a learning resource, drawing on that experience to deal constructively with the violence in themselves and in their lives. We do our training where violence is found: in our prisons, in our schools and in our communities.

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