AVP Workshop Outline

AVP workshop outlineThere are three levels of AVP workshops. Below you will see  the AVP workshop outline for each level.

As a participant progresses from basic to advanced the level of involvement in the process and the depth of exploration increases.

The Basic Workshop

The Basic AVP Workshop helps to develop primary conflict management skills. Step-by-step experiences and exercises focus on:

  •  Affirmation – Building self-esteem and trust.
  • Communication – Improving both listening skills and assertive methods of expression.
  •  Cooperation – Developing cooperative attitudes that avoid competitive conflicts.
  •  Community – Learning to build community within a diverse society.
  •  Creative Conflict Management Getting in touch with an inner ability for Transforming Power to manage potentially violent situations. By role playing, participants learn new and creative ways to respond to conflict situations.


The Advanced Workshop

The focus of the Advanced Workshop is on the underlying causes of violence. Some of the common themes explored are:

  • Fear – Reveals the hidden fears that usually underlie anger, jealousy, hate and prejudice.
  • Anger – Results in a deeper understanding of the personal situations that trigger anger.
  • Communication – Develops personal listening and verbal expression skills and the ability to communicate in tense and stressful situations.
  • Stereotyping – Builds awareness of stereotyping, bias and prejudice in personal relations.
  • Power and Powerlessness Helps individuals to understand power structures and helps them to get in touch with their inner power.
  • Forgiveness – Builds the groundwork for reconciliation and the freedom from guilt.


The Training for Trainers Workshop

The Training for Trainers Workshop focuses on team building and leadership skills. The curriculum includes:

  • Group Process Skills – Introduces leadership styles, planning for experiential learning and processing of exercises.
  •  Team Leadership Methods Focuses on developing a team contract and cooperative leadership styles.
  • Hands on Experience – Offers practice in planning, presenting, processing and evaluating workshop sessions.
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